Our Salon

We enlisted the help of London based interior and refurbishment contractors Bridport. Their track record includes fit-outs for high profile luxury brands including Asprey, Burberry, Chanel, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton.

"They really helped to clarify my vision. The level of detail in their work is rarely seen outside of London, so I’ve been extremely lucky to have them on board".
Maxine Morgan

We have bespoke retail furniture and reception desk, lighting from Buster & Punch. A little bit of Paris with a splash of Hermes wallpaper. The salon chairs by Tarka Belmont are called “Dainty” and offer great comfort.

“I’ve always had a keen interest in interiors and have taken influence from trips to New York, Paris and London, but not from other salons as you might expect. I’d been eyeing Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and independent boutiques - bringing little bits of each to Tettenhall" Maxine Morgan

Built with help from

Bespoke interior build Bridport Interiors. Salon Chairs. Takara Belmont. Wash Basins. Pietranera. Wallpaper. Hermes, Paris. Feature Lighting. Buster & Punch. Paint. Farrow & Ball. Colours include Railings, Lamproom Gray & Downpipe. Branding, Graphic Design & Art Direction. Andrew Higginbotham, www.sixashes.com. Architectural Ironmongers. BM Limited. Electrician. Paul Ellis Upton. Plumbing. Dean Bartha. Interior Tiles. Craven Dunill. Exterior Tiles. Craven Dunill Jackfield. Signage Manufacture. Bowden & Dolphin.