We are a 5* Boutique Organic Hair Salon in Tettenhall with a responsible attitude to luxury. The products we use and their credentials matter because we’re in it for the long term. They contain gentle, nourishing, natural ingredients, avoiding harsh or damaging chemical additives. We're doing our bit for healthier hair and a cleaner environment.

Maxine has gained an enviable reputation, fusing creativity and technical ability with outstanding results. We have an honest desire to provide exceptional hairdressing. We work with intelligence, experience and an understanding of hair and fashion. We’ll get to know you, your lifestyle and your hair. We’ll tailor a cut and colour to create a truly personalised look. Maxine oversees all colour work ensuring the integrity of every client experience.

We’ll prescribe a program of maintenance to keep it in super condition using a range of organic and eco-friendly products. Your hair and your conscience will thank you for it...

01902 743 035



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